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Irpin, the Russian offensive


In March 2022, the Russian army, whose invasion began on February 24, is advancing on Kiev. In the western suburbs, the Ukrainian army is trying to stop the progression of the Russian forces that have penetrated Irpin. Located less than 25 kilometers from the center of Kiev, the city represents an ideal artillery position to reach the Ukrainian capital. While the fighting rages, the inhabitants of Irpin are trying to survive the bombardments, entrenched in shelters under the ground, waiting to be able to evacuate. Outside, volunteers criss-cross the city in search of victims of the Russian assault, whom they bury where they can, in a silence interrupted by the crash of artillery fire.


At the exit of the city, the Ukrainian army destroyed a bridge, leading to the road to Kiev, to slow down the Russian troops if Irpin was taken. Instead, a makeshift footbridge was improvised by the Ukrainian military to cross the river. A last step for the hundreds of refugees who wait every day, hidden under the ruined bridge, before reaching the capital, where they will be taken care of.   



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